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A feature-rich EMR system to take and review comprehensive notes without compromising patient interaction.

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Noted’s EMR allows you to work intuitively in a system that works the way you do.

Intuitive interface

Noted is laid out so that everything is where you would expect to find it. Controls are context specific so you only see what you need to, removing clutter.

Illustration showing a simple and clear patient information screen

Forms tailored to every profession

Content for each type of user is tailored to them, so you only ever work with forms that suit the requirements of your profession.

Illustration showing individualised forms

Streamlined follow-up treatments

Notes entered in the last consultation are visible directly in your follow up form, making it easy to maintain continuity and further reduces data entry.

Illustration showing how information is passed onto a follow up form for continuity across sessions

Filtering and searching

Filter patient records by whatever is important to you. Examples include by date, keyword, record type, clinician code, unsigned and more.

Illustration showing patient record searching


Records can be securely accessed anywhere with internet access, including mobile devices. Take notes in the community and review them at the clinic or elsewhere.

Illustration showing the same application on both laptop and tablet screens

Document management

Upload and view documents, images, and movies, including straight from the camera of your device. Organise them into folders or load them straight into a patient record.

Illustration showing upload and listing of documents

Collect the data your organisation requires

Whether your organisation wishes to know more about who is being treated, what they are being treated for, patient outcomes or even how long consultations are taking, Noted can capture what you need in a way that doesn't compromise efficiency.

Illustration showing collection of patient data

Custom tabs

Track data important to you in one place. Examples include incident reporting, shared care plan and weight tracking.

Illustration showing an example of a weight management tab

ACC support

Noted’s form content is tailored to encourage best practice so you can be confident your notes are compliant. Easy access to relevant data makes collating and exporting records for ACC quick and painless..

Illustration showing some of the required ACC injury information for compliance
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