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There’s never been a better time to move on from paper notes.

Now you have Noted you can finally move on from paper notes. In fact, many of our users are experienced clinicians who have been working with paper records for decades.

Finally they have found a computerised system they can work with.

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Product Highlights

Take comprehensive notes, faster

Detailed notes are important for patient outcomes, medicolegal protection, to meet the needs of funders and to inform communication with other health professionals.

Content for your profession

Tired of taking notes in a system developed for someone else? In Noted your records are captured in forms developed for your profession.

Search patient records in a flash

Noted’s powerful filtering and search functions mean you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Access your notes from anywhere

Securely access your patient records from anywhere, anytime including from mobile devices.

Secure document management

Organise and view files in Noted. Securely store images in patient records straight from the camera of your mobile device.

Reporting and insights

Noted captures data in a way that provides for detailed, secure analysis and reporting from an individual patient, to an organisation, to anonymised reporting across an entire profession.

Tailored to your requirements.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a multidisciplinary team, Noted allows you to work the way you want to.

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Secondary Care

Noted allows large distributed, multidisciplinary teams to coordinate safely and securely.

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With Noted you do not have to make a huge investment to have a secure, easily implemented EMR with excellent reporting capability.

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Private Care

You can now take great clinical notes without compromising patient care.

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Medical Specialties

Regardless of how niche your speciality is, Noted can provide you with content that is designed for you.

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Working on-site or in the community, capture and access the information you need easily and securely.

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Allied Health

Whether you are working alone or in large, multidisciplinary organisations, Noted meets your requirements.

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Complementary Medicine

Finally a system for complementary health practitioners that is designed to integrate with conventional health care while still talking your language.

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Add to the evidence base while you work.

Noted is designed so that everyday clinical notes can be anonymised and queried, enabling you to derive insights that inform everything from clinical practice to resource allocation.

Read about our partnership with Evidence Based Acupuncture, reporting on an entire profession


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